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Ceremony written and practiced by Sanny, mother of the bride.


"Long before the Church or any other faith, in the ancient Celtic faith people married with this most personal commitment.


It is a small ceremony, accompanied by a person who knew the customs of the ceremony.
Symbolic to two spirits becoming one, this was a beautiful way of getting married.


Sometimes intimate, sometimes with family and friends, such as today, on this special occasion of Jeffrey and Tasja."

Fun fact: "Tying the knot" is a saying that stems from the handfasting ritual.


"Soon I will drape a braided rope around Jeffrey and Tasja's hands, which show each other's unity.


Each rope has its meaning just like the love they feel for each other:

Jeffrey chose silver, which stands for WISDOM, So that your connection may be filled with wise decisions.

Tasja chose olive Green,  which stands for GROWTH and CHARITY, so that (your unity may be fruitful and your happiness abundant.


The Beige ensures that the two lovers are braided into a beautiful, strong unity.
This unity makes, what were once two separate lovers, into one."


With these cords, I bind your hands and hearts, as one forever true, In love, respect, and trust, just as when your love first grew.


In the presence of family and friends, your future you'll embrace, As husband and wife, united in love's grace.


Blessed be.

Fun fact: There were 5 rose quartz stones placed in a circle, scattered in the greenhouse. This is also a common practice used in the old Celtic faiths.

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